2018.01.15 / ワークショップ

常滑焼の甕に味噌を仕込み餅を食う会/Make Miso in Tokoname crock&eat Mochi




– オーガニックの大豆
– Malicafe Organic Vegan Foodが作る新鮮生米糀
– この甕で仕込める発酵食レシピ
– 先着で紙漉思考室(さんがお作りになられているトロロアオイでできた和紙をお分け致します。九州で、楮、良質の水、そして保存料を使用していない生のトロロアオイの根で漉いたとても貴重な紙です。



仕込んで頂くお味噌は 2リットルほど。
新鮮に材料を用意させて頂くため、今回ご参加頂ける人数枠が大変少なくなっております。お早めに、 までお申込みください。

開催場所:マリカフェ in アムステルダム
参加費:120ユーロ(材料、常滑の甕、軽食すべて込み)/ 60ユーロ(材料、軽食のみ。2.5リットル容器は持参してください)

Once again, we are hosting a special workshop in collaboration with Yamagen Toen (TOKONAME and Takumi Craftworks ( on 14th of January.

This time, you can choose the white or chocolate brown crock. The light blue will be back in stock probably in Spring. Let us know which colour you desire at the booking. If you want to make Miso only today (without crock), you can bring 2.5 liter container (that fits your fist) and pay 60 euro for the workshop.

Tokoname ware is one of Six Ancient Kilns in Japan, produced in and around Tokoname, Aichi prefecture.
At Yamagen Toen, together with staff Yuji produces modern table ware from the local material that has been used for Tokoname pottery, applying the traditional methods. Only the design was updated in order to make the crock better fit the lifestyle today. His aim is to rejuvenate this local ceramic culture by bringing the old to contemporary, and this crock is one of his scope next to the other tea cups and pots in his TOKONAME project.

In this workshop, you will be guided through Japanese traditional ferments such as Miso, Tsukemono pickles and many more that has been the essential part of rustic life in Japan for generation.
At the beginning of this year, I made my Miso in this crock and it turned just so fantastic. In fact many other pickles can be made in this, which you will learn in the lesson this time.

What you expect at least:
– Making Miso in this exclusive TOKONAME crock
– 2 liter of Miso from organic soybeans and fresh Nama Koji that Malicafe prepares
– Recipes of fermented food that you can enjoy with this Tokoname crock
– Sample taste of Miso/Koji derived dishes
– Only for the first three attendee: Special Japanese Washi paper to cover your Miso. The paper is made of the root of Tororo Aoi (Abelmoschus manihot), Kōzo plant (Broussonetia papyrifera, paper mulberry tree) and clear water by
紙漉思考室 Kamisuki Shikoshitsu (

Let’s eat Mochi after all the work is done!

As the prep of ingredients are a lot, the maximum number of attendee is limited (Max 5). Please send your email to if you don’t want to miss this chance.

Date: January 14th (Sun) 13:00-16:00ish
Venu: Malicafe Organic Vegan Food
Fee: 120E inclusive all ingredients, Tokoname crock and sample tasting /60E + bring your own 2.5 liter jar for those who want to make Miso only

Yamagen Toen
“Yamagen Toen” is a one of the “Tokoname-yaki“ kiln. They produce fabulous tableware including the beautiful new tea ware brand TOKONAME. Their classic kyusu tea pot series has a universal beauty and practical efficient design.
If you are interested in their products, please contact me.

Takumi Craftworks
We select and import real authentic Japanese craftmanship products.
Products that are handcrafted in Japan and are the result of many years of experience and artistic inspiration of Japanese artisans. Resulting in beautiful and practical products suitable for day to day use.